Protection of film sets in practice

Feb 11, 2022

Security of film crews and sets is a very complex challenge requiring protection of the crew members, filming crew and all the equipment necessary for the implementation of the tasks. Films can be shot anywhere and in any conditions. This makes it a really big challenge. So how can you meet it, while ensuring the comfort of all those working on the set?

Although the film industry as such doesn’t t fall into the category of dangerous productions, in reality there are many real threats that can be faced during filming, and many of them are specific to the type of film production. That’s why it’s so important to protect a film set in many aspects: protection of people and property, occupational health and safety and fire safety, and nowadays also epidemiological safety.

How the protection of film sets look like?

Scenes with the participation of actors can increasingly be found on the streets of our cities, in shopping malls, or other public buildings. Each of these places requires professional protection and an individual approach.

Security companies focused on the safety of film sets, provide not only physical protection, but are increasingly turning to technical security measures. These include mobile video surveillance towers, barriers and alarm sensors. On a film set, in addition to people, expensive equipment used by the crew also requires protection, so the production site must be equipped with devices that will facilitate the detection of danger. Prevention is the best form of protection, so the cooperation of security staff and modern monitoring brings the best results. Actors, set personnel, cameras, lighting, scenery and props are thus safe. Special protection and attention is required to secure the pyrotechnics used for special effects in films.

Modern equipment for protecting film sets

Film crews are focused on shooting scenes, which is why they so often forget about guarding equipment or ensuring the safety of famous actors. Modern monitoring equipment, allowing to track the movement of bystanders and vehicles is extremely useful. Access control systems can be quickly and easily implemented on film sets. This allows for a complete record of entrances. It also makes it easier to oversee and manage who is allowed in a particular area. What is used for this purpose? These are access cards with innovative readers that guarantee control of people approaching the actors and equipment on the set. Such places require identification of persons. In addition, an alternative to classic cards can be cell phones. This allows for quick and easy access control without the need to encode cards. Entrance and exit from the film set is often secured with a barrier, and it’s raising is possible thanks to authorization verification. Therefore, the combination of technology and physical protection is a great idea and effective protection of a film set.

In addition, systems with active radio tags and sensor detection of a person’s change of position, provides actors safety. If the shooting takes place in a larger area, the actors are additionally protected. A fainting or an unpredictable attack by a pushy fan can happen at any time, so the enhanced security measures increase the comfort of persons working on the set.

Comfort of work

Working on film sets is very stressful for the crew. All work is strongly dependent on tight deadlines and production budgets are always rigidly defined. Additionally, all people want the recorded scenes to make the film or series unique.  Unfortunately sometimes crowds of onlookers or paparazzi make this job even more difficult.

It’s the task of the people securing the film set to make sure that the protection is both effective and as discreet as possible, and that the shooting is always carried out as scheduled – regardless of the location or any other conditions. It should be remembered that the choice of technical security systems should be guided by the ease of adaptation of a given solution. Because the working conditions and characteristics of a given place may change from hour to hour. Technology should accompany us, help us, but never limit us. Keeping in mind all these principles we will manage to provide comfort to all members of the team.

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