Smart city

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Smart City technology implementing secure connectivity, authentication and credential management will be essential to satisfy the mobility, housing, security, infrastructure, and educational needs of the growing population.

Security Platform

Designers of Smart City applications need to manage how people use infrastructure and services such as buildings, shops, transportation, schools and attractions. Properly managing users and how they interact with a city’s resources increases security, convenience, and efficiency.

LEGIC’s Security Platform enables Smart City service providers to securely manage users while personalizing their offerings. This results in services that are more attractive and usable, with lower operational costs.

Platform Enables

  • Device registration and authentication based on Hardware Root of Trust and state-of-the-art encryption
  • Device and infrastructure access and control based on autonomous smartcard / smartphone and multifactor authentication
  • Secure provisioning of individual credentials: Who can use what, when and where based on personal credentials
  • Collection of usage-based data: Who used what for how long, when and where
  • Scalable user authentication PIN, Two-Factor Authentication or biometrics
  • High-security storage and processing based on certified Secure Element (EAL5+)
  • Programmable secure environment (EAL5+) for hosting your embedded Smart City apps
  • Low-power online/offline capability ideal for battery-powered apps where both user and infrastructure may be offline such as in park house


Advantages of using modules with Legic chip ? The basis of security in a system with LEGIC Connect service is end-to-end data encryption between the host unit and the logic module contained in the LEGIC Reader chip installed in the edge device.

The availability of such chips means that such a solution can be implemented virtually anywhere, allowing the user to interact using their card or smartphone.

Data and applications are protected in different parts of the system by cryptographic methods using AES 128/256 bit, DES, 3DES algorithms.

This solution can be easily integrated with e.g. city bikes, scooters, in public facilities, public transport, parking lots, museums. Thanks to that with one city card a citizen can use many different services.

Aplication Areas

  • smart city
  • logistics – IoT
  • access control in devices
  • vending machines
  • parking facilities
  • petrol stations
  • car chargers
  • industrial identification
  • working time control
  • access to rented apartments