Partnership with AVS Electronics

Jul 15, 2021

On July 14, 2021 in the headquarter of RCS Engineering Sp. z o.o. was a meeting with the Italian company AVS Electonics S.P.A.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the broadly understood cooperation in the field of distribution of AVS devices by our company in Poland.

 AVS Electronics S.P.A. has been a leader on the Italian market since 1974 in the production of advanced intrusion and assault systems, including microwave barriers and specialized detectors for the protection of critical infrastructure as well as for commercial applications. All devices manufactured by AVS are technologically advanced, unique and reliable (MADE IN ITALY). More information at

 „Since almost a year,where we shared ideas and concepts, we definitely saw in the all team and management of RCS Engineering the vision for what will be security 2.0. we both share the passion and values ​​for high security and high quality protection solutions, the vision of the market where the project and the customer are at the center of our activities.  Making available to the market, through RCS Engineering, what has been the element that has distinguished us globally for over 45 years is the most natural thing that could happen.  The strong encouragement for the present but above all the challenges that await us for the future have made our cooperation a logical and natural choice” – said Marco Zittino, AVS Electronics.

 “After the market analysis and tests of devices in the sector of barriers and microwave detectors, we had no doubts that AVS Electronics products would be included in our offer. The key aspects turned out to be: openness, commitment, high quality of devices, as well as vast technical knowledge of AVS Electronics. We are glad that at this stage we have been trusted and our offer will be more attractive to our clients ” – said Marek Majchrzak, RCS Engineering

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