Visualization systems

Nowadays, every security system is operated by a person / persons responsible for verifying events and undertaking procedures of actions related to the protection of the facility, people and property. Visualization systems are the basic tool used to display events on site maps and preview from the nearest cameras, as well as an integral part of our systems: perimeter protection, people monitoring, property monitoring and radar systems.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is a software that provides a homogeneous platform for the integration of various, independent security systems and other devices, allowing you to manage the entire infrastructure through a single, transparent communication interface taking into account the use of precise procedures. In the PSIM system, we can integrate other fire protection systems, i.e. fire alarm systems (SSP), sound warning systems (DSO) or smoke exhaust systems etc.

Traditional management center
No event escalation
Closed standard
Separate independent systems
Limited detection capability
Limited response
Limited analysis
PSIM Managed Center
Full possibility of escalating events
Open Standard
Integrated, unified system
Full event detection capability
Full response capability
Full ability to analyze events

PSIM integrates many information and security systems by providing a range of information to be analyzed by operators or due to their nature are automatically handled as part of security procedures and policies.
Based on the developed security procedures, the system analyzes information from all integrated systems on an ongoing basis and correlates independent alarm situations into events with a given priority of response.

The operator is informed about each alarm independently, correlation of events in a given time interval raises their alarm priority.
The basis for the effectiveness of visualization is the selection of appropriate security systems that should be fully addressable, i.e. each detector should have its unique ID address and inform about its condition (alarm event, tamper, damage, etc.).

All our systems meet the highest security standards and are adapted to visualization and software coincidence with other devices. We have a wide list of integrated systems of recognized visualization manufacturers, as well as implementations at facilities, among others critical infrastructure.

Our team of engineers will select the right PSIM for you using our security systems.