intrusion systems (I&HAS)

Motion detectors

Motion detectors are widely used in Instrusion systems (I&HAS). They find use in many places, they protect various spaces. We can distinguish between internal detectors, as well as outdoor, curtain and surface. There are also different methods of detecting intruders – passive infrared, microwave and dual detectors, where both methods of detection are used.


The SPY M2 detector is a microwave volumetric detector that is able to detect any movement inside the protected area, ideal for high risk applications. The SPY M2 detectors are compliant with GRADE 3 and environmental class II according to the PN: EN 50-131 standard.


JET is a range of three passive infrared detectors with a Fresnel lens: JET PA (passive version), JET DT (dual version with passive infrared and planar microwave), JET DTM (dual version with passive IR, planar microwave and anti-masking).

Detectors mounted directly on the ceiling with a 360-degree detection area are becoming more and more popular. The detectors can be passive (only IR rays) and dual (IR rays and microwaves).

A novelty are passive IR detectors equipped with a camera and a microphone. Built-in camera with a 90-degree angle and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels allows you to wirelessly send the image to the user in an emergency.

Design, safety and technology

All JET detectors are digital detectors with temperature compensation, placed in a flat housing with a modern design and a spherical Fresnel lens, which is characterized by a higher degree of detection and immunity to animals.

Pet immunity and versatility

Pet immunity is an option that can be turned off or selected 12 or 24 kg. Depending on your needs, the resistance value of normally closed outputs can be changed using DIP switches, making installation quick and safe. Two optional wall and ceiling brackets allow JET to be installed in the most complicated positions.


All JET detectors comply with the PN: EN 50131 standard. JET PA and JET DT grade 2, while JET DT AM grade 3


All indoor spaces, with or without pets, from ordinary household or commercial protection to the highest level of banking security.


The ONE series are curtain outdoor detectors, both infrared and dual. Detectors with a range of up to 12 meters have a lens with a 10-degree angle.

Minimum of false alarms

The passive infrared sensor – through its specific Fresnel lens – reveals the presence of a human target, the integrated microprocessor digitally analyzes the event, confirms and transmits true alarms and eliminates false alarms. DT versions also include a plannar microwave antenna which increases their immunity to false alarms, especially unwanted events caused by sunlight.

High security

The sensor is protected against tampering with an innovative accelerometer that detects every movement and simplifies its installation. All ONE sensors use active infrared anti-masking; DT versions also perform anti-masking using microwaves.


Spectrum are outdoor detectors mounted at a height of 1.2 – 1.5 m. All detectors are equipped with triple detection sensors. A microwave and double infrared are used.


Outdoor detectors equipped with dual infrared sensors. Some models are additionally equipped with microwaves. The detectors are both wired and wireless.
OUTSPIDER are detectors designed for perimeter protection of industrial, commercial or residential facilities, for alarming, pre-alarm and video verification assistance.
The detectors can detect an intruder up to 23 meters at an angle of 90 °.

The detector installation height is from 1 to 2.7 meters, which allows it to be located away from any obstacle that could limit detection. The housing has been designed to protect the detector against all weather conditions and leave an internal space for camera installation.
The OUTSPIDER works properly even in hot weather, thanks to the built-in temperature compensation function, which allows to keep equal detection distances. The detectors are designed to work in temperatures -20 ° to + 55 ° C