Radar system


Radar systems for perimeter protection are used for ground protection of large industrial areas and critical infrastructure facilities against the intrusion of unwanted persons or vehicles.
RCS Engineering is a distributor of radar and anti-drone systems of the Polish manufacturer – Advanced Protection Systems SA.

CTRL + SKY RADAR 3D radar systems provide fast and accurate tracking of objects within a 360 degree radius at a distance of 3-5 km. The devices have no moving parts, cooling is passive, and data processing takes place directly in the device.
The latest solution uses numerous innovations and global standards. A FMCM (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW)) radar sensor was used, which significantly reduces the frequency on the data processing side, thanks to which the radar power and size were reduced, while maintaining high accuracy of target position detection and predicting the routes of many objects in same time.
RADAR 3D works in the X band and uses ASEA and MIMO (Multiple Input-Multiple Output) solutions. Detection of objects is much more precise due to the use of MIMO technology and multi-antenna transmission, both on the transmitting and receiving sides.

It is currently one of the most advanced radar solutions available on the market. It uses MHT (Multiple Hipotesis Tracker) technology, which means that it applies many hypotheses to the current way of moving the target and verifies them on a regular basis. In short – goals can perform various maneuvers, and the tracker does not lose them. You can build the right amount of hypothesis for a given class of goals that reflects their physical movement capabilities.
The radar data is processed directly on the device on the on-board computer. Thanks to the automatic classification of objects, it is possible to distinguish drones from e.g. birds or other moving objects, which means that the number of false alarms is much smaller.

Radars are one of the elements of the multisensor anti-drone system, enabling effective control of the protected area on several planes. Unlike other solutions, it provides umbrella protection, i.e. without so-called blind spots. This in turn allows the detection of intrusive drones in virtually any case. Ctrl + Sky is also based on proprietary solutions, thanks to which it is possible to configure it to the specific requirements of the recipient. The system is offered in two functional variants. The stationary variant is intended for permanent protection of a given area or object, while the mobile version can be freely and easily moved depending on the needs. Regardless of the Ctrl + Sky variant, it is always optimized for the best possible efficiency, taking into account the specifics of the target application.

CTRL + SKY are suitable for mobile and fixed installations and are resistant to all weather conditions. They have IP 66, MIL-STD-810 classification.