Monitoring of people

Merya RTLS

Ensuring the safety of employees by creating appropriate working conditions is the responsibility of every employer. Despite the standard equipment of an employee with safe protective clothing, a helmet or headphones, we are not able to predict much more significant events related to health accidents, i.e. heart attack or stroke. In Poland, 10.5 million people have hypertension, and a million suffer from heart failure – 80,000 suffer a heart attack every year. In such cases, personal tags informing about the collapse or fall of an employee with the SOS function button in the event of urgent assistance are above standard equipment..

In the brain, irreversible changes occur after only 20-30 minutes, and the death of the brain cortex occurs after 3-4 minutes of hypoxia! Irreversible changes in the heart occur within a few to several minutes. So, as you can see, in the treatment of both these conditions, every minute is important. The sooner we react, the greater the chance that there will be no irreversible changes in a person causing a reduction in fitness and deterioration of the patient’s quality of life, and even death.

RCS ENGINEERING is a distributor of MERYA RTLS technology, which is a dedicated solution for protecting people working in difficult conditions. The system is based on active radio personal tags with an integrated sensor for detecting a person’s position change (moving between zones) or his immobility (fainting). The system can be connected to the local security service and emergency services. Monitoring can be carried out in individual places of the facility (building) and also outside of it. The location of people or things can be tracked online also in the form of visualizations using icons with assigned names. The accuracy of monitoring depends on the density of radio signal receivers on the site. Merya RTLS with the help of a personal tag also allows monitoring of routine patrol operations.

The most important features of the MERYA system:

• Monitoring of working people in a high risk environment
• Monitoring of people’s movements
• Real-time position and condition monitoring
• Monitoring of patrol activities of security services
• Possibility of immediate reaction to the event
• High sense of security of the monitored person
• Integration with CCTV
• Integration with Intrusion Alarm System and Access Control System
• Integration with network megaphones
• Integration with building management systems (PSIM)
• Detection of a lying person, stillness, free-fall, monitoring of the “SOS” button
• Fully addressable system
• Checking the continuity of groups of people while moving
• Forklift monitoring
• Money convoy monitoring
• Counting people in facilities, eg during evacuation
– supplementing the Fire Alarm System
• Long system life


The MERYA RTLS system consists of the RLU central unit, FLM monitoring units, RLS detectors and RLK personal tags. The RLU and FLM units communicate with each other over a TCP / IP network. The RLS detector is a radio module that collects signals from RLK wireless personal tags. Tags communicate with detectors on the 868MHz frequency dedicated to alarm systems at a distance of up to 40m in direct visibility. It is possible to extend this range to 80m by using a larger antenna. RLS detectors can be placed directly at work stations (at the machine / device) or in a room where people monitoring is required. Information from the RLK tag, which detects whether a person is lying down, does not move, falls from a height or pressed the “SOS” button, will be sent to the central unit in real time. The RLU unit’s memory stores all information related to emergency situations and in which zone the person was (including those to which the person has or is not authorized). Remote access to the system and stored information is via a web browser.

RLK tags come in several versions when it comes to how they are worn. You can use the version on the wrist, belt, neck or as a key ring. They can also be mounted directly on the vehicle.

There are many applications of the MERYA RTLS system. In the case of configuration of individual ranges of RLS detectors, it is possible to define authorizations for each of the areas (RLS detectors). In the event of unauthorized appearance of a tag in a given area, the system will signal such an event immediately. MERYA RTLS is also able to support security services when checking the personnel in buildings. It allows you to count and identify who is where this function is very useful in the case of evacuation of the object and verification whether someone has been in the danger zone.

In the MERYA RTLS system, you can also monitor the work of individual devices / people.
In the case of e.g. forklift operation, it is enough to install one RLS detector at the entrances (gates), supplemented with two infrared barriers. When the forklift passes through the gate, the detector will recognize whether the forklift enters or leaves the hall. The central system can provide information about which area and how long the forklift is in.