Monitoring of people – a mobile application

Merya RTLS Mobile

The MERYA RTLS MOBILE system is a complement to the MERYA RTLS system with unlimited range, location outside using a GPS signal as well as in buildings using wireless RBT modules.

The most important system features:

• Monitoring of people working in high risk environments, including EX zones
• Monitoring of people’s movements
• Real-time position and condition monitoring
• Monitoring of patrol activities of security services
• Possibility of immediate reaction to the event
• High sense of security of the monitored person
• Integration with CCTV
• Integration with Instrusion Alarm System and Access Control System
• Integration with network megaphones
• Integration with building management systems (PSIM)
• Monitoring people movements using the GPS system outside and in the building using RBT modules
• Detection of a lying person, stillness, inert fall, monitoring of the “SOS” button
• Fully addressable system
• Checking the continuity of groups of people while moving
• Forklift monitoring
• Money convoy monitoring
• Counting people in facilities, eg during evacuation – supplementing the SSP
• Long system life

The MERYA RTLS MOBILE system consists of the RLU central unit, RBT modules and mobile phones equipped with a dedicated application (Android) thanks to which they serve as personal tags. The RLU unit with the mobile phone communicate via a mobile network or Wi-Fi. Information from the phone that detects whether a person is lying down, does not move, falls from a height or has pressed the “SOS” button, will be sent to the central unit in real time. The RLU unit’s memory stores all information related to emergency situations and in which zone the person was (including those to which the person has or is not authorized). Remote access to the system and stored information is via a web browser.

In the MERYA RTLS MOBILE system, it is not necessary to make cable infrastructure for detection modules. Persons equipped with telephones will be monitored outdoors using a GPS signal, while wireless RBT modules will be installed in the facilities. The RBT module communicates with the phone using Bluetooth technology. The telephone being in the detection zone of such a module (range up to approx. 10 m depending on the conditions) receives information within the range of which module it is located and sends via cellular network (or being within the range of a wi-fi network) location information to the RLU central unit.