The missing link in the perimeter protection


Dronehub is an automatic docking station for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It enables their fully automatic take-off, landing and the replacement or recharging of power packs. The drone can be equipped with a set of vision sensors, chemical sensors or, for example, a network megaphone. Data transmission from the drone to the control center takes place in real time.

The integration of the Dronehub with the perimeter protection ensures the possibility of immediate reaction to any attempted intrusion into the protected area. In this case, the drone takes off automatically, flies at a predetermined altitude to the place of the incident, arrives, visual recognition of the situation, possible intervention and return to the docking station. The flight sequence is fully automatic. The only task of the operator is to operate the observation head mounted on the drone or to trigger predefined control commands.

Dronehub is:

  • Robust construction
  • Easy to install on site
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Protected against intruders
  • Works in extreme weather conditions
  • Ready for missions 24/7
  • Low energy consumption
  • Battery replacement system

Main features:

  • a wide range of interchangeable sensors (RGB, thermovision, multispectral, smoke and radiation detectors, LiDAR, etc.)
  • the VLOS operator is not required
  • Readiness for mission 7/24
  • Ability to work in extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, strong wind)
  • LTE + communication (5G ready)
  • a powerful real-time data processing platform
    lifetime service included


Unique battery replacement system

Dronehub is the only one in the world to have an automatic battery replacement system. Competitive solutions are equipped only with a battery charging system, without the possibility of replacing them, which significantly reduces the drone’s working time. Thanks to the battery compartment, the drone can perform 24/7 work.

Fully autonomous
The system allows you to perform fully automatic drone flights according to a pre-programmed route and autonomous take-off and landing thanks to the drone’s proprietary guidance solutions.
Comprehensive solution
Thanks to the terrestrial infrastructure, the drone can work in a very wide range of weather conditions. The device is mobile, which allows for quick and easy change of the mission location and facilitates the transport of the entire hangar.
Artificial intelligence
The product has a dedicated management system located in the computing cloud. It allows, among other things, to organize missions, plan the drone’s flight route, date and time of inspection, and view the status and parameters of the drone and the docking station.