Card technology


LEGIC is a card technology used in broadly understood access control systems. It is distinguished by the fact that it is completely safe. LEGIC Advant technology is an advanced system, not yet hacked. The investor is certain that no one is able to copy the card himself, and that producing a card with the same number will not allow access to the object, because the readers are properly programmed to work only with the original cards.
The Swiss company LEGIC is a trusted provider of secure credential checks for corporations around the world. For over 25 years they have been a leader in the field of mobile and contactless smart card technologies thanks to RFID, Bluetooth® and NFC. RCS Engineering is a Technological Partner of LEGIC, and the acquired knowledge and experience allow for the appropriate selection of investment solutions – from the concept to the implementation of card encryption technology.

Areas of application

The LEGIC security platform based on the latest security standards ensuring data integrity includes reader and smart card integrated circuits, key and authorization management tools, as well as the LEGIC Connect service, consisting of a trusted service and SDK for mobile applications.

LEGIC’s patented Master-Token System Control (MTSC) is the key to security and easy management of contactless smart card applications. Master-Token is the main element of the security concept ensuring full control over the system. Therefore, having a unique and impossible to copy physical medium means greater security for the owner. MTSC as a security solution allows for flexibility
and open use of the LEGIC technology platform.
MTSC consists primarily of the GAM card (authorization card for creating Sub-Master-Token), SAM (authorization card for reading / writing to readers) and IAM (authorization card for creating and removing segments on the card).

Security in your hands

Instead of securing administrative rights in the identification system with unstable passwords, security with MTSC is associated with a special physical smart card, Master-Token. No personal data is stored on this special card.
The owner has power over the installation and maintains his independence. Master-Token can be safely stored, given to trusted persons and withdrawn at any time. Only Master-Token allows the authorization of readers and the creation of identification media and further sub-tokens.

Clear traceability

The MTSC policy corresponds to the evolutionary tree of inheritance and enables the administration of various applications. The “genetic code” makes each organizational unit unique. This is used to identify and track and ensure the security of a specific application. Master-Token is the main element when initiating the identification medium and transmitting authorization to the reader.

Flexible multitasking

MTSC increases the flexibility and openness of the LEGIC technology platform.
For example, you can combine applications from different vendors on one system and add or remove applications at any time. Thanks to this, the system is noteworthy and safe in the long run.

Hierarchical rights delegation

MTSC enables simple and intuitive implementation of hierarchical authorization without the need for text data. Master-Token can be used to generate so-called empty Sub-Master-Token with various “genetic codes”. They can be assigned to various applications, company branches, suppliers and even clients. If the reader is initiated through the Master-Token, which is higher in the hierarchy, it has access to all applications used in the relevant Sub-Master-Token (located below in the hierarchy).

Advantages of the Master-Token system:
• Simple and secure assignment of rights to subsidiaries, partners and suppliers
• Free connection and application administration
• Applications can be added and removed at any time in the field
• Standardized applications ensure interoperability and independence from suppliers
• Simple and intuitive implementation of the authorization hierarchy without using data in plain text
• Many independently managed applications on one card

Security concept for basic systems



Based on the Master-Token System-Control concept, entryMTSC provides high security and control at a reasonable cost. The feature set is limited to only one application and you lose the ability to create hierarchical authorizations, unlike MTSC. Therefore, entryMTSC is ideal for simple installations.