Access Control

RSW and RLS reader

The access control system allows you to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to your area. Using the access control system allows you to manage access to almost anything: files, access to a workstation, access to a printer, to a building or specific room. Since the discovery of the oldest key about 4,000 years ago, access control systems have evolved significantly creating advanced systems. Nowadays, the standard means by which we gain access to a protected area instead of a key is an “access card” (physical or virtual).

Universal RSW.05 reader

The market of access control systems is diversified not only in terms of various system manufacturers but also in terms of the identification technology used. To meet customer expectations, we have expanded our offer with a universal RSW.05 reader that allows the use of many technologies. The reader can be used to cooperate with existing access control as an extension of its functionality as well as in new projects.

Thanks to the possibility of using advanced cryptographic protocols, the reader can also provide access control for demanding facilities such as critical infrastructure. The modern design and the possibility of choosing different types of enclosures mean that the RSW.05 reader will fit into any interior. Precise and solid construction ensures IP65 protection class, thanks to which the reader can be mounted practically anywhere.

• Possibility to choose housing (wood, plastic, stone imitation)
• Modern look
• Precise and solid construction

Szeroki wachlarz technologii identyfikacyjnej:
A wide range of identification technology:
• Virtual card implemented via NFC and Bluetooth
• MIFARE DESFire and Classic
• LEGIC Advant and Prime
It supports universal and encrypted communication protocols:
• RS232
• Wiegand

Advanced security
RSW.05 readers offer a new level of comprehensive security thanks to support for encrypted DESFire and LEGIC identification media, encrypted OSDP protocol and SAM plug-and-play cryptographic modules.

Virtual card support
Thanks to the built-in NFC and Bluetooth support, users can conveniently and securely identify themselves via mobile devices. A dedicated platform provides remote distribution and management of credentials.

RLS-07W long range reader

In access control systems there are places where it is required to provide identification (passage) from a long distance without having to apply the identifier to the reader. Most often these are entrances / departures secured by barriers or gates, where the passage will be carried out without stopping the vehicle, in health care (travel with the sick between departments), in production and logistics centers where smooth passage between halls optimizes processes.

Detectors from the RLS-07 family are normally used to detect RLH, RLK and FLA RFID personal tags in the MERYA RTLS system. The extension of functionality with the Wiegand communication protocol has made it possible to connect to any controller of an access control system that has such a communication protocol, thus acting as a long-range reader. This enables the RLK tag number to be sent to the SKD controller. The maximum distance that RLK tags can communicate with RLS-07w detectors is approximately 40 m.

Active RLK personal tags are part of the MERYA RTLS system. However, in conjunction with the RLS-07w detectors, they are used as an identification medium (tag presence signal within the range of the detector) so you can control devices from a long distance (opening the barrier, gate, etc.). Tags come in several versions when it comes to how they are used. You can use the version on the wrist, belt, neck or as a key ring. They can also be mounted directly on the vehicle.