Robust Concepts for Security

The main goal of RCS Engineering Sp. z o.o. is to provide innovative teletechnical solutions, including those closely related to security.

The team of RCS Engineering Sp. z o.o. has high qualifications and several years of experience in the security industry of private facilities, as well as subject to mandatory protection.
RCS Engineering Sp. z o.o. is a general distributor of high quality systems from the Czech manufacturer Ronyo Technologies s.r.o. for Poland, as well as to selected European, African and Asian countries, i.e.

  • perimeter protection Varya Perimeter
  • monitoring of people Merya RTLS
  • monitoring of people Merya RLTS Mobile
  • object protection Anarya Alarm 
  • monitoring of paintings and works of art by Anarya Alarm Gallery
  • RLS long range readers

In addition, the portfolio of security solutions includes:

  • proximity readers RSW
  • encrypted cards in LEGIC technology
  • CTRL + SKY Radar and counterdrone systems


Our vision is to improve the security of companies and people around the world

We are a reliable technology partner
We design and develop our products
We guarantee high quality products
We rely on our customers' satisfaction
We support partners at every stage of implementation
We take part in consultations, conferences, congresses and fairs in the security sector
We are focused on long-term cooperation
We show savings

We provide solutions in the areas of:

Technology partners:

Professional service and our customers’ satisfaction

are our priority